Don't knock it

'til you try it

Okay, so I'm a dancer. Except... not the ballet type and I've never been into hip hop. No, my speciality is dancing around a pole, on a stage, in the lap of your ex husband. Get my drift? Alright, before you ask- the pay is incredible, which is basically what keeps me going. Maybe that doesn't agree with you. That's fine. I don't agree with you either.

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|| Lighten Up || Erin + Carter 

The Pole Dancing class at Central Gym was lacking in serious credit and skills. Erin watched all of the girls twirl and slide, almost break their wrists and complain how unfit they were. It was days like this, she wondered why she even enjoyed coming to these classes.

Central Gym was a large building at near Diamond Square, an area right next to Central Park squashed between the Upper East and West side of Manhattan. Erin loved it because of it’s location, squashed between everything active in the day time, from cafes and Starbucks, to the Gym and the endless rows of high-end shops. With a job like Erin’s, she could afford to live here and it was very rewarding, that was for sure.

She waited until class was over, her body in a light sweat as she took her training bra and shorts off to shower in the locker room. She grabbed out her white and blue striped shirt, slighting it tightly over her bust and wriggling into her jeans, shoving her boots on and packing up her bag. She carried her scarf over her shoulder and then she made her way out and walked passed the gym area. There was a very lovely arrangement of people in this area, both men and women with bodies she’d like to taste between her teeth. She bit her lip as she saw a man at the bench press, working up a sweat and she found herself leaning against the wall, standing in a few people’s way before noticing and excusing herself only to lean against the drink machine shortly after. My, his arms were incredibly nice to look at.